Nature based workshops

I was moved and impressed by the workshop. I am very used to this kind of experience and so was especially amazed and delighted to get so much out of it! Alistair’s mix of spiritual aptitude, philosophical knowledge, facilitation and practical skills is unusual in my experience and combined to make this a unique and wonderfully potent experience of very high quality. The workshop was a multi layered experience. After an over busy and bumpy few weeks, I felt myself unfurl and re-nourish. I felt filled with new capacity and became aware again of my wholeness, connection, empathy and joy. 

University team development

”I’ve been to lots of leadership development training over the years and this just feels completely different”
”Our manager’s meetings have become an extension of your workshops – reflective, seeing things from multiple perspectives with honest communication and genuine collaboration on how to get things done”
”We discovered who we want to ‘be’ as managers and how we want to act in order to create an environment that the team can excel in”
“We always knew ‘the talk’, now we are walking it”

Life coaching workshops

Quite astounding! In seven years in the field, I have never experienced a programme that has produced such rapid change in a group setting.
I have spent ten years in therapy and seen four different therapists. What has happened for me in the last six weeks has been far more life changing then anything that has happened before.