The feet are the link

between the earth and the body. Begin there.

The lungs are the link between body and air.

The hands, these uprooted feet, are the means

of our shaping and grasping. Clasp them.

The eyes are the hands of the head;

its feet are the ears.


“Sengzhao” – Robert Bringhurst

Centering and Grounding Exercises

I use a number of centering and grounding exercises in workshops. Here is one of them.

Long grounding exercise


A composite description of what people experience in one of my workshops. You probably won’t experience all of this  – but everything in here comes from direct reports from participants. 

Time in the Woods

Other Resources

Our two brain hemispheres experience reality in very different way. This is an important element of the way of natural being. Here are two videos that give an insight to the distinctions between them:

Ian McGilchist:

The Divided Brain

Jill Bolte-Taylor 

My Stroke of Insight