I aim to do one thing …

Help you to experience your life as a place of resourcefulness, authenticity, presence and aliveness – in life and in your business.

In short my goal is to help you to unlock the real you.

Explaining the detail always gets a little more complicated.

Essentially, I work in three different ways with three different client groups.

Take a look at the approaches and contexts that fit you best:

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Ways of working with me

Transformational workshops

First up. I don’t think you can change!!!
But that’s not a problem, I want to suggest that you don’t need to – you are not broken, nothing needs fixing.
If you were a piano, you’d have a certain number of black keys and rather more white ones and you can’t change that. But you don’t need to, the question to ask is, “what is the most amazing piece of music I can play on myself?”.
And the options are limitless. You could play a cool jazz improvisation? Or a moving classical piece? Not you? How about some rousing honky-tonk? Each could be exquisite and masterful and you wouldn’t need to change a key.
That’s a good metaphor for what I aim to do in my personal transformation work . Whether it’s with you as an individual or in a work context, I will help you work out what you want to play. Not what anyone around you, family or society, say you ought to play.
Then we lift the lid to show you how the piano works. Not that I am 100% right but my approach is as good or better as anyone elses for getting results.
And then we get you playing that amazing, unique piece.
Whoops, overplayed that metaphor! Though I hope it gives a sense of what training with me can achieve.


Nature Based Work

We think we are modern creatures yet most of our human form is atleast two million years old. And all of our body systems and mental processes evolved in close harmony with the natural world. This was long before cities, industry and technology mushroomed in the last couple of hundred years.
So it’s no surprise that nature can be a powerful partner to tune us into how to live in the most effective way.
I have developed approaches that integrate the latest psychology and advances in neuroscience with the wisdom of land-based peoples, from both the east and west. They work by giving you a ‘balanced brain’ – accessing the contrasting attentions of both left and right hemispheres. They open up a more healthy relationship with the emotional influence of your limbic brain. And they shift the balance of your autonomic nervous system. But you don’t need to know this to experience the changes that will come.
Are you battling with depression or anxiety? Struggling with the stress of a job which demands everything of you? Or wanting to live life more in the joy of the present moment? If so, these nature based approaches can be life-changing.
And, hey, it’s so good to get outside rather than be stuck in a training room!


Life Coaching

Have you reached a point in life where you have been taken up with many things, but now, maybe because of a crisis or a big life change, you are questioning how you want to live the next phase of your life?

Are you stuck in a relationship that frustrates or traps you? And you wonder how it can be restored to a deeper level of communication and fulfillment, or whether life must move on?

Do you wish you weren’t driven by the sea of your emotions in such a powerful way – whether anxiety, depression, fear, self-doubt or judgement?

Maybe your life is not in crisis, but you are eager to make changes, take on new challenges and you are uncertain how?

Or do you just long for a more balanced, mindfull life – living in the moment with more gratitude, presence and joy?

I can support you (as I have hundreds of others) to make those journeys into a deeper, more fulfilled life more closely aligned with a deeper sense of identity.

My coaching draws on the same approaches and ways of thinking as my workshops and nature-based work.

But it’s just you and me.

You set the agenda and we create a setting for change in the things that really matter to you.

Whilst I am absolutely certain that many people benefit from counselling and talking therapies, my approach is a little different. I don’t find it’s best to set out on a programme of many sessions with those I help.

My experience is that after three to six sessions that the 80:20 rule applies and most of what I can help you with is done. I like to help you make progress quickly, though, of course, it’s just a rapid burst on a lifelong jouney.

So don’t think you will be getting into an open ended, expensive commitment with me!

If you want to have a chat about whether I am the right person to support you email me here:

Click here to find out more about Life Coaching

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What context is best for you?

Public Programmes

These are my flagship offerings.

They are half day, full day or weekend programmes.

Plus I am considering some longer term journeys for closed groups.

They cost a little more than my community training but quality of the experience is tailored to reflect that.

A few more creature comforts – often with quality, locally sourced food, often on private land or in interesting training venues.

You will explore the themes covered in “Transformational Workshops” and “Nature-based work” above in ways tailored to your own needs and aspirations.

Natural Mindfulness, the Sussex Wildlife days and the NLP Diploma are examples of these public opportunites.

On the nature based courses, you get the opportunity to explore the remarkable wisdom and capabilities of your own body and mind as they engage deeply with nature.

Other trainers and facilitators are doing great work too – but I believe I will open up perspectives and experiences for you that you won’t find elsewhere.

Often people come back telling stories that are beyond my own experience. I love it!

These offerings are tagged “Public” in the calendar and are highlighted on my Homepage.

Community Learning

This is where my work began and it remains very dear to my heart.

More coming very soon!

Organisational Development

In 2014 I teamed up with Toby Buckle and started The Healthy Leadership Project. In 2018 we recognised that our core customers were all universities and that this was our true contribution. So we renamed ourselves, University Staff Development. We do what it says on the tin, but in creative and innovative ways.

We offer leadership and team development workshops and coaching with a difference.

We have many years background in traditional leadership training and are excited to be pushing into approaches that engage with the whole person – mind and body.

Our clients tell us our workshops are like nothing they have attended before.

One remarked:

I’ve been to lots of staff development and different training over the years and this just feels completely different. It feels really tailored and suited to what ever situation we face. It’s practical because you are giving us tools, but more importantly, you are giving us completely different ways of thinking – ideas that would never come into my own head.

You can find out more at one of several micro-sites:

University Staff Development

Sussex Teambuilding Days