University Staff Development








I started The Healthy Leadership Project with Toby Buckle in 2014. It is an innovative experiential training programme which cultivates leadership and team effectiveness from the inside out.

As most of our clients have been universities we renamed it Universtity Staff Development in 2019. Our work has given us a unique insight to the challenges of that sector, however our approach is equally valuable in any business and third sector setting.

Our intention is to inspire

  • individuals who act with focus and motivation from a place of balance and resourcefulness
  • teams that function with emotional intelligence and collaborative awareness
  • organisations that fulfil their mission by acting flexibly and pro-actively in environments of constant change

We do this through:


We offer half-day, one day and multi-day classroom based workshops to facilitate big changes for both individuals and teams. Each workshop will focus on a core theme adapted to meet the specific needs of your organisation.


We love to develop longer programmes with clients to take you and your team on a transformational journey that will be continually evolved to meet the developing culture of your team.


We can also take you away from the workplace for one or two days to a rural retreat centre in Sussex with space and access to nature allows us to work with the team in even more effective and generative ways. And we can bring our approach to your team-building days.

University Staff Development