Natural Mindfulness Retreat – Sat 15th Sept


Treat yourself to a day of deep relaxation, a natural dose of wellbeing and a scrummy locally sourced lunch

Learn some simple practices to lead you into a deeper awareness of yourself and everything around you

Become more mindful – naturally

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Imagine ….

You move slowly through the sunlight dappled woods. Like a hunter alert for some unseen creature.
All your senses are completely alive. Sight, hearing, smell, touch are more vivid than you have known before.
Your breathing, your heartbeat have slowed. Your mind is still and aware.
Everything feels different.
Colours bright, sounds crystal clear.
Even the tiniest movement stands out against the rich depth of the forest.

This is natural mindfulness.
You are completely at peace
And exquisitely aware of everything around you.

And more than this.

You have become sensitive to your passing thoughts and the smallest flicker of sensations and feelings in your body.
You are tracking yourself, noticing everything happening within you.
You are a calm observer, not caught up in your internal chatter or swirling emotions.

You sense a vibrant presence in everything around you.
Trees, bushes, the tiny plants at your feet, birds, insects, the rustling creatures out of view.
And even the wind moving through the trees.
This silent presence is so tangible but you can’t catch it in words.

This is natural mindfulness
A rich experience of the natural world around you
And the wonder of your own self.

These words reflect the experiences of people who have participated in the workshop this year.

Come and spend a day in the woods learning simple practices that will open up your powers of awareness and deepen your relationship with the natural world. You will experience a felt sense of how you can live through your everyday life with more calmness and awareness and show up more as the real you.

We will use practices drawn from cultures who live closer to the land than us and explore them using insights from contemporary psychology and neuroscience.

You will:

  • be introduced to practices to focus your attention more fully on the perceptions, sensations, feelings and thoughts of your own body
  • spend guided time on your own into the woods learning to pay attention to the richness in everything around you through all your senses
  • take time for reflection and discussion of the experiences that you will have in the woods
  • learn some background behind the practices and how to apply them in nature and in everyday life

By the end of the day, you will have:

  • some practices to enhance your experience of the world around you, in nature and in the city too
  • a fresh understanding of what mindfulness is and how to practice it in your daily life
  • increased relaxation, awareness, creativity and resourcefulness
  • the beginnings of a fresh perspective on the human place in the natural world

Practical details:

The workshop will be held in a delightful wood near Hadlow Down, 5 miles northeast of Uckfield (TN22 4HR). Exact details will be sent in joining instructions nearer the time.

A vegetarian lunch sourced from local suppliers will be provided and drinks / snacks during the day. If you would like a vegan option please let us know at time of booking,

We will give you indications on what to wear based on the weather in the joining instructions too.

The cost for the day is £60 which includes the training and support, lunch, refreshments and use of the land.

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