I am a teacher-therapist-coach who can help you enrich your experience of being you – where ever you are in life.

I will help you gain life-changing insights into how you experience yourself. And how you relate to everything and everybody around you. You’ll discover it’s possible to move on from your old stuck stories with their familiar feelings. You’ll start to feel more alive, making your own decisions, doing what matters to you most and relating to loved ones and others in more satisfying ways.

Though let’s be clear. It’s not that you are broken and need fixing!

It’s all about exploring new ways of running yourself.

So you can enjoy the experience of living the real you.

I work with small groups in workshops, both indoors and in nature. And offer personal coaching sessions.

It would be great to hear from you if you want to find out more or would like a chat.

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Wot … no workshops?!

Thank you so much for clicking your way to my website. I appreciate you spending a few moments here.

Big changes are underway in what I am offering and how I make available, to more people, all the good things I have learnt. Through to next September / October this year there will be lots of changes to the website, to my communication with everyone who follows me and lots of the best bits of my workshops will be made available for free. There will be a whole new set of workshops and programmes on the way …. including an exciting new online course.

So, for a little while, I won’t be running any public workshops apart from those with Sussex Wildlife Trust (though I am still available for one-on-one coaching). So if my calendar looks a bit quiet – that’s why!

Things may well change but to give you a sense of what is coming here is my current intention:

  • Many of the insights and practices that have become a part of my approach over the last few years available online for free through videos and written word.

  • A regular newsletter that becomes a genuinely helpful and inspiring, “must read” in your inbox.

  • Weekend workshops that provide an intensive opportunity to learn practices and ways of thinking that change your experience of life – help you become a more fabulous version of yourself, enrich your relationships and the way you live each and every day.

  • Nature-based day workshops that will deepen your awareness and connection with both yourself and the natural world around you.

  • Wild Mind – the nature-based programme for those living with stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges will run again in April.

  • An online course covering key elements of the weekend intensive.

  • A six month long nature-based programme that will be open to people who have done short outdoor courses with me in the past and who want to explore themselves and how they live in a much deeper, open-ended way.

  • A series of walk-shops that engage all of you (not just the mind) in your experience of the history, landscape and culture of the Sussex area.

Do join my mailing list at the bottom of the page so you don’t miss the videos and blogs as they start to appear.
And watch this space!

Ways I can help you

  • Discover the Real You
    Discover the Real You
    Do you live with the feeling that you have not yet lived the life that is possible for you.
    You feel trapped and it's hard to imagine how you can break free.
    How can the fabulous you escape the cage and begin to live who you really are?
  • Less Doing, More Being
    Less Doing, More Being
    When you reflect on how your life is - do your thoughts first turn to what you feel you should have or ought to do? Having and doing can be important however they are secondary to being. Being is a word for our felt experience of life, moment by moment. Could it be that in the expectation or pressure to have and to do, you are missing the wonder of fully living right now?
  • Become Natural (again)
    Become Natural (again)
    We read it everywhere - nature is good for mind, body and soul. Give yourself the time to explore new ways of being in the natural world that are simple and yet profound. You'll discover a more balanced, stress-free life; a deeper sense of who you are and experience anew your place in the more-than-human world.

Team and Leadership Development

Do you work in a University, a Charity or a small to medium sized business?

Are you looking to enrich your team culture and increase leadership effectiveness? Facing the human challenges created by increasing demands, escalating levels of change and the impact of technology?

In 2014 I teamed up with Toby Buckle and started The Healthy Leadership Project. We offer leadership and team development workshops and coaching with a difference.

We have many years background in traditional leadership training and are excited to offer you approaches that go beyond this and engage with the whole person – mind and body.

Our clients tell us our workshops are like nothing they have attended before.

You can find out more at one of several micro-sites:

University Staff Development

Sussex Teambuilding Days

The Healthy Leadership Project

Featured Programme

  • NLP in Lewes – NLP Diploma
    NLP in Lewes – NLP Diploma
    I will be launching a new NLP Diploma course in Lewes, nestling in the South Downs National Park. Up to eight days of training in this powerful personal and business development approach. You will learn all the core skills and the underlying personal artistry that will equip you with an elegant tool for transformation. Lots more info coming soon. Click Read More to register an interest.

Upcoming Workshops

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