I am a teacher-therapist-coach who’ll help you enrich your experience of being you – where ever you are in life.

You’ll gain some genuinely life changing insights into how you experience your life. And, from there, how you relate to everything and everybody around you. You’ll get the chance to disconnect from your old stuck stories with their familiar feelings. You’ll start to feel more alive, making your own decisions, doing what matters to you most and relating to loved ones and others in more satisfying ways.

Though let’s be clear. It’s not that you are broken and need fixing!

It’s all about exploring new ways of running yourself …..

So you can enjoy the experience of living the real you.

I work with small groups in workshops, both indoors and in nature. And in personal coaching sessions.

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Ways I can help you

  • Discover the Real You
    Discover the Real You
    Do you live with the feeling that you have not yet lived the life that is possible for you.
    You feel trapped and it's hard to imagine how you can break free.
    How can the fabulous you escape the cage and begin to live who you really are?
  • Less Doing, More Being
    Less Doing, More Being
    When you reflect on how your life is - do your thoughts first turn to what you feel you should have or ought to do? Having and doing can be important however they are secondary to being. Being is a word for our felt experience of life, moment by moment. Could it be that in the expectation or pressure to have and to do, you are missing the wonder of fully living right now?
  • Become Natural (again)
    Become Natural (again)
    We read it everywhere - nature is good for mind, body and soul. Give yourself the time to explore new ways of being in the natural world that are simple and yet profound. You'll discover a more balanced, stress-free life; a deeper sense of who you are and experience anew your place in the more-than-human world.



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Do get in touch (contact details at the bottom of the page) if you want to know more about anything I do.

I particularly want to draw your attention to the Natural Mindfulness Retreat in September. All the details are in the section immediately below. It really is a wonderful day that will give you great tools to live with greater mindfull calmness and awareness. And more than that I am certain you will experience the natural world in ways that you never have before.

A participant at the last one had this to say:

I was moved and impressed by the workshop. I am very used to this kind of experience and so was especially amazed and delighted to get so much out of it! Alistair’s mix of spiritual aptitude, philosophical knowledge, facilitation and practical skills is unusual in my experience and combined to make this a unique and wonderfully potent experience of very high quality. The workshop was a multi layered experience. After an over busy and bumpy few weeks, I felt myself unfurl and re-nourish. I felt filled with new capacity and became aware again of my wholeness, connection, empathy and joy.

You can book your place here.

And you can sign up for any of my other public and community workshops by clicking this Events page link.

Greetings, Alistair

Featured Programmes

  • Natural Mindfulness Retreat – Sat 15th Sept
    Natural Mindfulness Retreat – Sat 15th Sept
    Treat yourself to a day of deep relaxation, a natural dose of wellbeing and a scrummy locally sourced lunch in private woods north of Uckfield. Learn some easy practices to lead you into a deeper awareness of yourself and everything around you - mindful awareness woven with indigenous practice supported by the latest neuroscience!! Click Read More to find out more and book your place.
  • NLP in Lewes – NLP Diploma
    NLP in Lewes – NLP Diploma
    I will be launching a new NLP Diploma course in Lewes, nestling in the South Downs National Park. Up to eight days of training in this powerful personal and business development approach. You will learn all the core skills and the underlying personal artistry that will equip you with an elegant tool for transformation. Lots more info coming soon. Click Read More to register an interest.

 Community Workshops